Thursday, 19 April 2012

Over at JustB - Curse of the Yummy Mummy

Please join me over on JustB today - I'm talking about the curse of the yummy mummy.

Come over and play. Please.

image of an original yummy mummy via The Seattle Times


Pip said...

She's so hawt, Lex! x

the original bg said...

I'm married to a Yummy Mummy. No matter how crappy she felt about her body during the the first 6 months after M was born last year I never stopped letting her know how hot I still thought she was. Her decision to hit the gym in a big way has her looking smoking. With 4 kids at home full time and 2 more every second weekend she achieves amazing things with her 3 or so weekly gym sessions and a good diet. All the male partners out there, get on with the positive reinforcement from day one. All the mumma's don't be in denial that failing to look after yourself will be to the long term detriment of your babies and relationships.