Monday, 30 April 2012

Tonight I Banned Talking About Poo

Living with a six (almost seven) year old and a four year old, I hear a lot of poo talk. 

All. Flipping. Day. Long.

And you know, it can really wear a girl out. 

I am sick of poo talk.

Poo jokes? I am sick of them too.

Tiny thinks anything with a punchline of poo poo is going to elicit giggles. It might from her, but I'm not laughing. 

Tonight they were reading a book together, and every second word was poo. And you know, I just put a blanket ban on poo talk. 

I do not want to discuss poo. With you, or without you. Poo is poo is poo. It's what we do. I do not need to talk about it, thank you.

If you have a poo frenzy on your hands (well not literally I hope), you should get this book. We have the pop-up poo version. It is very funny. Well it was until Tiny tore out all the pop-up bits. 


alivicwil said...

My 3yo nephew is all about poo...

We babysat when his little sister was born. As I left for work, I said "Have a good day, Xavi!" He said "You have a good day too, AliPooBum!"

Charmer :p

h&b said...

We own this book. My mum bought it. She also bought one about a boy who cannot fart. I hate them both.

Mon Alisa Design said...

I LOVE that book! Amelia knew it off by heart when she was 2 and used to recite it in public. So funny!
I'm known as Aunty Roo to my nephews and they all went through a phase of calling me Aunty Poo. The novelty wears off at around 7-8. I still have 3 more years of it *sigh*

Liza said...

see, my 2.5yo did his first on-the-toilet-poo today so it IS all about poo here today hahaha. I still don't know whats so funny about it though?

ally said...

We love this one and also "who's poo" which has sparkly fairy poo so its sooo much better :-)

JenI said...

I love the moral to the story, "Poo on my head and I will track you down and poo on yours"

Sarah said...

DO you think this would be good for a boy who is soon (SOON WE HOPE) want to be in undies???!!!

WHile we are along these lines. My mum bought that book "Walter the farting dog" Well my older two thought is was HILARIOUS. I on the other hand thought it was well.... gross is not the right word and nor is poor humour. BUt then they are boys and if you cannot beat them - join them...