Tuesday, 8 May 2012

2012 Met Costumet Institute Gala: Kirsten Dunst + SJP + Gisele Bundchen + Lily Collins

Kirsten - I feel we're not at the same venue. Nor the same event. Where you're conjuring a 1940s war film, everyone is razzle dazzle. Either that or you raided Barbara Walters wardrobe and all you came up with was this. I'm not  fan of the double-breasted jacket, but damn girl, you do kind of pull this off. However, Rodarte, you made her look like a mature-age minx. 
Did you know that they're making a film of 'Little House On The Prairie Goes To New York' and SJP stars as Laura Ingalls? No. Me neither. But it looks like SJP just came straight from the set. 
 Gisele Bundchen - divine. Simple. Elegant. Givenchy. I need say no more. 
Yes, yes, I do understand this might not be everyone's favourite, stop arguing with me dear reader. No. I won't. Don't try to wrestle the keyboard from my... I'm back to declare I love this Valentino frock. Ethereal. So pretty. I have no idea who Lily Collins is, but doggone she is beautiful. 

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bec said...

Phil Colllins daughter! As in "Groovy kind of Love" and "Sussudio" She's in the movie Mirror Mirror. Not often I know more than you har har! Hate her dress though. Cack!

le_third said...

ok where is your comment on the matching material shoes SJP is sporting ... come on Lexi ... hello !! le