Saturday, 19 May 2012

On Newborns Turning Seven

My little newborn is turning seven tomorrow. 

I can't quite believe it. 

I so vividly remember everything from before his birth right up to to his birth. Everything. - vomiting spaghetti bolognaise, to telling Matt quite tersely that he'd better hurry up and anticipate my needs. And stop turning the damn lights on. I am an animal. I am in labour. I want to labour in the dark. In the nude. And PS - do not mess with me. 

I remember walking over 2 kms the afternoon before the birth - hiring Sex and the City and laughing when the guy shrilled "see you soon". I remember in my head thinking - "you will NOT see me soon sucker, I'm in labour!" I walked all the way home, having to rest every hundred metres or so while I rode out a contraction. 

I remember when Matt got home that evening. He worked as a framer (as he does now) and hugging him and bursting into tears. 

I remember my sister driving like the clappers to get us to the birth centre. The labour aid exploded all over my foot. And her car. Oops. 

I remember arriving at the birth centre and quite literally tearing my clothes off. 

And I remember coming home with that newborn in my arms. Terrified - the revelation that: "I am responsible for this baby surviving and thriving."

Happy 7th Birthday to my beautiful little man. I am so, so happy and proud that you chose me to be your mama. Ever since we first found out about you, you've brought us great joy. Thank you. x


jodesmac said...

awwwww..... adorable.

I was very overwhelmed with the responsibility of a life. Whoah ...I think i still am..

Happy Birthday Doc :)

Bek said...

Yes, happy birthday doctor! My newborn baby boy is 7 as well. So sigh-worthy. Enjoy!

Mrs Smith said...

Happy birthday little guy and congratulations mama on 7 years of love, sweat and tears.

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Happy Birthday Dr!

I hope he has the BESTEST day ever today.

Can't wait to see pics too.


Mumdeep said...

No Way!! I threw up spag bol with my first labour!! Don't know why I chose to have that as 'my last meal'. Probably explains why I'm still not that keen on it!!

Mama Mogantosh said...

Happy birthday little one. And happy giving-birth day to you Lex. Seven! What a great age!

Jasmine said...

I was worried that feeling of wonderment and joy would wear off but I see it doesn't and I'm so happy to know that. Lovely post!

Hazel said...

Aww, heart melting Lexi.

Luna said...

I loved that last sentence PMM! What a beautiful birthday post :)