Saturday, 5 May 2012

Perks For PottyMouths

Pssst! It's so close to Mother's Day, but even if you're not a Mama, I have some sweet little offers available to my awesome readers. 

Old Shanghai Massage House is offering 20% off all treatments to PottyMouthMama readers until the end of May. 

From the brains and beauty behind The Victoria Room, the Old Shanghai house is a really beautiful place to indulge in a treatment. Decorated in an eclectic mix of beautiful and ornate Chinese elements, and easily located in Oxford Street, Paddington, it feels like you're in another world. 

I had a massage there pre-Christmas and really loved the experience. Jin gave me the mother of all massages  and performed miracles on me, fixing all my sore spots. Afterwards I indulged in a warm cup of green tea. 

Trust me - either treat yourself or ask for a treatment for Mother's Day. When you ring up, your code word is 'pottymouthmama' to make the most of the 20% offer (valid until end of May).

While we're talking beauty, Darling - creators of my FAVOURITE nail colours have just launched their Autumn/Winter collection. Darling is the brainchild of two of my ace friends, and a culmination of lots of hard work and awesome creativity. 

The palette is totes radsicles. If you spend over $40 you will receive 15% off your purchase with the special code 'HELLOPRETTY'. Valid for the month of May.  

you could always print this post out and leave it lying around for your smalls/partner to find, and then they will come to the end here and I will say - YES DO THIS FOR THIS AWESOME MAMA! It's Mother's Day! And she's RAD!


candice said...

My small told me because it is mothers day she needs a pedicure after lunch because she will have to work so hard to make me breakfast in bed. Bless her cotton socks. I think we'll both need a pedicure!

Luna said...

I read this post yday and got all goose-bumpy about the possibility of a massage. I then read another review and today I booked an appt for Sunday. It's been years since a good massage, sad. Thank you Lexi for the offer.

Luna said...
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