Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Papa Can You Hear Me?

I don't really know why this post is named what it is. But it is what it is.

We can however time travel, back, back to a place when I was about nine. It was the school holidays and my sisters and I - as a treat - were allowed to hire videos. Can you believe?! It was a highlight for us. I remember watching Mannequin many, many times. It is a rare talent indeed that I can still quote great sections of that quality film.

And this particular holidays I am talking about - we watched Yentl. And clearly we were impressed, because soon after my grandparents, Mars and Gramps, gave me a cat for my birthday - and Babs was such a hit - I called that cat Yentl. I am very sure with some persuasion from my two older sisters.

Enough of that. We're no closer to knowing why I named this post. Or what the crux of the post is. But it was a good story. Wasn't it?

By the way - many years ago I blogged about making a quilt for the Doctor. Well with a lot of help from my sister - this week the binding is being stitched on, and that sucker will be finished. It's only taken five and a half years. Gold star. Top of the class.

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