Friday, 13 July 2012

Fashion Friday:: Grey Gardens

I am nothing if I am not dedicated to Fashion Friday.

I mean, what? Who is that? Little or Big Edie? It's Little Edie. Looking sullen. With an oversized fork. And looking decidely frumpy.

The looks I scored for looking this way. My colleagues asked if I had a theme today. If it was nana. And then I educated them on Grey Gardens. About how actually I was a socialite meets cat lady. About how my house was overrun with garbage. Bonafide garbage, not just heirlooms masquerading as garbage. Although there are some of those scattered amongst the detritus too.

Look at me. Method acting. I went without sleep. I woke in the middle of the night for long periods just to get those sunken eyes, those dark 'sleeping bags' as my children kindly call them.

I had to work at this look. And these are probably the worst photos I have ever shared of myself on my blog. You're just lucky I didn't wear my sunray pleat skirt as a top as I first thought. Little Edie would have. I even contemplated wearing some old pantihose on my head as my scarf. Little Edie did.

Nope instead I went almost purely vintage. And tired. And like I just woke up under a pile of cats and newspapers.

You can thank me later.

No. Wait. Thank me now. This is called pure dedication. It's rare these days.

Jacket: vintage
Top: Country Road
Beads: Vintage Sportsgirl
Skirt: Genuine vintage
Fork: From McSpork

Next week's theme: TOOTSIE. I love that film. (Are you playing or what?!)


Jasmine said...

I love that you're standing in front of a broken powerpoint. That is so Grey Gardens!

Hair Romance said...

Only love for you as little Edie. I love grey gardens.

zigsma said...

Do the flag dance for your colleagues. Do the flag dance. I think you look fantastic. I'm thanking you now.

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Bwahahaha, best fashion friday post ever!


Luna said...

Oh no you didn't! I can't believe someone used 'Grey Gardens' for the workplace. You look cuter than Drew too.