Monday, 16 July 2012

My Computer Is Dying

Pretty soon I'll be faxing out my tweets, sending a courier pigeon with my blog posts, going old school with a corkboard, some scissors and magazines for Pinterest, and arm myself with a photo album and a pile of Post It notes for Facebook.

My computer is dying a slow and ungraceful death. It stops working at the most irrational times. It plays this game where it doesn't show me the words on the screen, just some boxes. Or it just freezes for ages. And ages. And ages. I could do all the housework in the time between opening a new tab on the interwebz and when it actually decides to open. Or when I am writing a post, the text doesn't appear immediately. I will stop typing, and then slowly - and erratically, letters will start to appear on the screen. However it doesn't always start from when I started typing - it just takes a random spot to pick up from, and then starts typing. It's like a ghost is in my machine editing my blog.

My trusty, faithful laptop looks like it's giving up the goat. Or the ghost. Or whatever that saying is.

So in the meantime I've been off the interwebz and living a real life. I know. I'm a real boy!

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Luna said...

Ours is playing up too Lexi. Posted it on Friday and now I'm thinking, how much of a coincidence that we've both had broken appliances and now our computers too.