Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Really Very Pretty

I've recently just finished making the Doctor's quilt. It took such a long time, and I have such immense respect for those who make things with their hands.

Which is why I love this Kantha range that's new-ish to Freedom. Hand made in India, no two pieces are the same. There are throws, cushions and bolsters. I love the look of them layered all together, the nuances in each piece, the stories that those stitches can tell. Plus they are perfect for Winter, for layering onto your couch, or over the end of your bed. There's nothing I love more than snuggling under the blankets - layers and layers of them, whereas Matt protests, I feel like I am in my cocoon.

In fact, our bedding is a constant tussle with us. A bone of contention in our marriage. I pile them high, Matt prefers just a doona. I like an old school bed. Matt likes just a doona. I like bunkering down under 87 layers. Matt likes just a doona.

Someone talk some sense into the man.


Linda said...

My daughter and her husband solved that problem. He turns back the covers on his side of the bed and uses a blanket of his own. She, in the meantime, has all the other covers. I think their problem was he was pulling and pushing covers all night, waking her up as he got too warm and then tried to recover them. I have heard of other couples who solve the problem this way.

ally said...

Is that wire stand from there too?...cos I love it!!
I toss everything off in the night...and hubby burrows in...perhaps we should swap??!!

shine little light* said...

Snap my Tim is just the same. the irony being that i SWEAR he steals my extra bedding when Im asleep and I end up freezing! boys eh. *s*

veri maz said...

You need to do what the Europeans do - each have their own single bedding on the queen/king bed. So you each have just the weight of doona you want and no one steals it.

Also how sturdy are those shelves? am thinking they might work in the kidlet room...

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