Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Have you been watching the Olympics? I have as much as I can. I want to, but feel a bit uncommitted. Every time I sit down to watch something, something boring is on read: triathlon/marathon/archery. Or I flick over while I am waiting for a big event - and then miss the whole race. Yes Usain. I missed your race. Silly, silly PMM.

My kids are big into the Olympics. And they have kindly informed me a couple of times that they think I should participate in the Olympics next time.

As someone who was always the "Most Improved" in our primary school netball team; as someone who spent more time in the library than learning how to dribble the ball; as someone who spent her lunchtimes in the school dark room developing photos, rather than warming up for the following PE class, I can safely say, we not going to see me donning the green and gold in four years. I hate to disappoint.


Kelly HTandT said...

To be perfectly honest if it wasn't for people blogging about it and the occasional conversation when I'm out, I wouldn't even know the Olympics was on! It the tv is on in my house lately it's either ABC for Kids or hubby on the PS3.

Luna said...

Same with Kelly. We are not 'digital ready' with our TV. Long story. We watch the news recaps on Olympics, read paper or in my case, blogs.

Mike Littlely said...

I love watching the Olympics. I love the passion the alethles have for their sport and the level of deterioration they have for success.

-Mike of ontario honey