Monday, 13 August 2012

Sussan Summer Sneak Preview (Try Saying That 10 Times Fast)

This last week I had the great joy of flying to Melbourne as a guest of Sussan.

I flew down in the morning, and knew I was on a Sussan flight when I walked up to my gate and discovered a bevy of women all dressed in the new Summer collection. They were excited. I was excited. We were all excited together - and the other guests were none the wiser except for that certain buzz in the air.

We landed in Melbourne and a cab driver walked over to me and asked me if I wanted a cab. He wasn't in his car. And I agreed. And then imagined he was going to kidnap me. So I asked him if he was a real cab driver and he said yes and so all was ok. Phew. Glad we've got that sorted.

During the day I meandered the streets of Melbourne like only a waif could. But more on that later.

That night we went to see a sneak preview of the new Sussan Summer collection. The room was a-buzz, electrified by the 200+ excited women (and one lone man sitting front row- I salute you sir).

If you've not stepped into a Sussan for a spell, the value they place on customer service is exemplary. The staff know the ranges back to front, front to back and upside down.
It's here I should tell you: This was not like fashion week where it's totally not cool to crack a smile.

When the models walked down the catwalk, they smiled. And the crowd? They cheered! It was such a fun evening.

This new collection is fresh, fun, and loaded with bright and bold colour. There is so much to love - so many pieces to covet. As a working-in-an-office mum, Sussan has just made it that much easier to mix and match outfits (which the ladies in store are SO good at), plus there are so many great pieces that are supremely wearable, frocks that you can throw on - or suiting that doesn't look too corporate. I do not do corporate! I do fun! I do colour! I do bold prints and pattern and awesome. Sussan is all that.

I can say all of this because I'm newly converted. And I've been enjoying spending time in their stores being inspired. It's a bold new step - and you have to hand it to the team at Sussan. They're turning the beat around and I'm dancing to it.

I took lots of snaps from the catwalk - an have loads more that I'll be loading on to my Facebook page this week.  

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. Sussan paid for my flights and accommodation. I attended their Summer launch. I loved it. I wanted to share.


BabyMac said...

I likey the yellow jacket. Looks like great fun!

Jodi said...

This is probably asking too much but do you know when that stripe top in the second photo is going to be available? I think I would love that x

ps. lucky you! I've always believed Sussan has some for the PJs - always amazing x

Averil said...

I loved a lot of those pieces! You are one lucky duck getting to go see all that in Melbourne!

Reannon Hope said...

I want the dress from pic 3!!! Such great stuff!

Lady Moss said...

The green shoes. Need those.

toni said...

I love florals and stripes.
It reminds me of drinks on the beach on the French Riviera....then I open my eyes and I am filling up school drink bottles at the kitchen bench.
Same thing really.

nicole kane said...

ooh those purple jeans. adorrrrrrrable!

Loopylu -lu said...

They have the nicest spring scarves. Lovely accessories as well . I bought a great bangle the other day.

Twitchy said...

Loved this, and meeting you. *And* your big superphone pics that are much better than mine! All of which I just said on today's post on the same subject! ;) xx

Cat said...

I've got to go check the range out now. I've always found the fit in their clothes a bit unusual on me but will give it a run as I'm much in need of some new threads. I have wonderful memories of shopping in Sussan with my ma when I was a young 'un. She bought a gorgeous peach blazer in the 80s that wouldn't look out of place now. ;)

Twinsane Mum said...!