Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Good News?

I have got to tell you something.

I was cynical when people talked about dry shampoo.

I had an internal dialogue that went like this:

Friend: 'Oh I used some dry shampoo.'

Me. In my head: 'Yuck. Just wash your head dude.'

And then I tried it. I tried Toni&Guy's Dry Shampoo. And I am converted.

I used it last week when I'd had my hair cut and blowdried by the hair dresser, and wanted to stretch that good just-been-to-the-hairdresser hair. You know that, right? I can not do my hair like they do it. Ever. So I extended that blow dry to five days. FIVE DAYS! I usually wash my hair every two days.

Dry shampoo for the win!

Plus, I think if you have thin hair - this adds volume.

Trust me, I am like a guinea pig for you. This is the shizz. And at just $15.99 - it's within reach - and available at your supermarket.

* This is not a sponsored post. Toni&Guy sent me the product to try. I tried it. I liked it. I wanted to share.


Cass said...

Dry shampoo is good when you have to get up early to take the kids to sport and don't have time to wash your hair

nicole kane said...

eep! i only wash my hair once a week as it is, it would probably not be a good thing to wash it less ha ha!

however, i would never ever gets nits.

Kelly HTandT said...

I have the Toni & Guy dry shampoo, in fact I've tried many brands, and I AM ADDICTED! Especially as a girl with a fringe, you know how sometimes your fringe looks a little oily but the rest of your head is fine? Problem solved! Love the stuff x

BOB & MABEL said...

Like Kelly, I have a fringe and have started using dry shampoo on those days I don't have time to wash my hair. I love it so much.

Lady Moss said...

Dry shampoo is a mothers best friend.
That's all.

My Bearded Pigeon said...

really- I have thought the same- dry shampoo just sounds yuk, but since you have converted with the BB creme etc I am going to try this too. Thanks Lexi!