Sunday, 16 September 2012

Best Beauty Buys:: Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On

I used to have an almost religious approach to my beauty regime. Every Tuesday I would have 'Maintenance Day". This entailed fake tanning, mani, pedi and anything else in between.

These days it tends to be, how shall I say it, quite haphazard. I must confess, I am a little lax in the wax department. Just a couple of months ago I went to the beautician for a zippedy-zoo bikini wax. No biggie. Except for the fact I hadn't been for oh, almost 12 months. And here I am confessing it on the interwebz.

But worse than no-waxing was what went on at the beautiian. At this beautician the chief beautiian wears blue contact lenses, ridonkulously high platforms and mini skirts. And they do a really good wax. I know this because I'd had it done 12 months earlier.

Anyway I was coralled into one of their rooms - which coincidentally does not include walls that reach the ceiling. So - it's a little al fresco. I can hear what's happening in the next door rooms - and vice-versa. I'll fast forward to the point where the beautician comes back into the room and I'm lying there waiting to be waxed. "Oh you REALLY haven't had a wax in a year. You've REALLY let things get out of control."

Wow. And all I could think of is some woman's boyfriend who was sitting not more than 3 metres from this room - able to hear this whole conversation. Oh and PS - who brings their boyfriend to the beautician anyway?!

So it's with great joy I got to discover the new Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On. This could be a recipe for disaster (if we count my previous home waxing experiences - which involved me slapping myself in the head so I could pull the strip off - oh I know), but thankfully - it's fool-proof.

Plug it in, wait a few minutes - and it's ready to roll. Really. Once the wax is at the right temperature it glides on to the skin smoothly. And just as any waxing treatment involves, you apply the strip, rub and pull back quickly.

As far as home waxing goes - this is king to that messy microwave wax in a tub that inevitably got everywhere. Inluding areas that were not intended to be hair-free.

The Veet Roll-On gives you the ability to create a definite line, and there's a different head for more intricate areas ie leg VS bikini line.

I do impart some words of wisodm. Follow the instructions. Use the finishing wipe that's provided. As I always do, I romped ahead, got in the shower, and the wax wouldn't come off. On later inspection of the instructions I discovered that this wax is not water-soluble.

I also heated the wax for longer than recommended, and had to redo areas. Other than that, for me, it was a great home waxing experience that was easy - and not messy, and left me with an overhaul good finish.

In a snapshot:
  • Easy to use, and not messy! And I don't have to go back to the beautician to be humiliated and have the status of my bikini line broadcast to the suburbs
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Gives a good salon-esque result in little time
  • Not water soluble - and can be hard to remove
  • $39.99 from supermarkets and pharmacies
Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review - however I had no obligation to do so. I will only tell you about products I genuinely love and use. Honesty is after all the best policy. I use it, I love it, I wanted to share.


Victoria said...

might give this a go then, I always wax myself but lately the razer has been my friend.

Brad Lekin said...

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shine little light* said...

the beautician is the reason i dont go to get this done. they are scary judgmental people!!! This sounds good! xsx