Monday, 3 September 2012

Parenting Fail

The other day Tiny lined up to pay for something, I stood behind her, because she was busting to do it herself. There were two kids in front, and another behind. And then the one behind pushed in front.

At first the mother said: "Oh hey, there's a line."

And then the kid inched forward, until she was standing right in front of Tiny and I.

The mother stood there and did nothing. Until I shot her a death stare.

Sure - if it's a toddler that just happens to get in front - no dramas - but if it's a five year old that, in my book, should know better, or have a parent to steer them in the right direction. I'm not asking for much, just some manners. 

So I shot the mother a death stare, and then she realised that I knew her kid had pushed in front. 

The mother feebly said: "Oh sorry she got in front."

And then proceeded to do nothing about it.  

So I pushed the kid over.

Ok. I didn't.

But it reminded me of a month or so ago, when I was at a toy shop with my smalls and they were rattling off everything they loved. Which was everything. And Tiny was besottedly staring up at the Barbies, in their neat shelving, standing side by side. Her eyes lit up, and she just couldn't decide which one was best. In a rare moment of equal interest, I stood beside her and we looked at them together. Until this small child came up, and as Tiny took one Barbie from the shelf, she dutifully snatched it from her hands. Not just sidling up and having a look - snatched them from Tiny.

This continued for about five minutes. And all the while, the father of this kid stood there, looking on. No doubt thinking what an awesome child he had.

But not me. I glared at him and forced him to actually - shock horror - parent.

He told his daughter that they were going - and then walked off down the aisle. Leaving the child behind. Standing there. Snatching Barbies off us.

So I pushed the kid over.

Ok. Ok. I didn't. But my goodness. I wanted to. Or at least push the parents over. And jelly wrestle them. Show them the mettle I am made of. Don't mess with me or my KIDS OK!?

I mean dudes, are you so oblivious to what your kids are doing - while you are gloating over them, that you're letting them get away with this pretty ordinary behaviour?

It reminds me a gentler version of The Slap. Except I did nothing except issue death stares.

What do you do when someone else's kid is being a dweeb?

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Cat said...

Man, I wish the death stares forced people to parent. My ma is queen of the death stare that causes action but somehow j haven't been blessed with that skill. Boo hoo. If the other kid is being a dweeb to a huge level I have been known to say to my own offspring, "it's ok sweetie, not all children are good at sharing" loud enough for their parents to hear. Not that mine are perfect but I'd never let them do those kinds of things without interjecting. I think that's called manners!

Michelle said...

I wish death stares worked but mine sure don't. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and say aloud what the problem is. Or push the kid over.

Kelly HTandT said...

I can't help but intervene if another parent isn't doing it right. I know it goes against the cardinal rule of not parenting other people's kids, but I refuse to let my children believe inappropriate behaviour is ok just for the sake of being polite. So, I would have kindly informed the snatchy child, aka the shithead, that snatching from people was not very nice and if she wanted a barbie she could get her own off the shelf. Then I would have pushed her over ;-)

Anonymous said...

push them over.


Leisa said...

I can't help but take over and parent another person's kid, regardless of the proximity of the parent. I guess I want to just teach my kids the value of being politely assertive when someone else is being a shithead - whether they be five or fifty-five. Usually when I become politely assertive with the child it kind of shames the bystanding parent to actually DO some parenting.

Cass said...

I probably would have said something in both cases too. I hate it when people push in regardless of whether they are a adult or a child and always say something

Mon Alisa Design said...

Do you know what I do hon? I actually speak to the child (nicely of course). In a situation like that I would say "you know what honey, my daughter was holding that one. Would you like me to get one for you too?"
Sure it might not be the PC thing to do but jeepers, If that parent isn't going to do their job then someone should step in. It may be a little thing but there is a growing problem of children with a sense of entitlement that astounds me. I grew up in the day when it was perfectly acceptable for strangers to pull you up if you were being a ratbag. It's how I learnt what was socially acceptable behavior.
And if my girls were to behave in the same manner, I would want someone to step in. As long as it's done in a positive and encouraging way.

Bec @ honi design said...

Ida pushed them both over! Kidding....but the urge to do so would have been strong.

Anonymous said...

I'd get my three year old to give them both the death stare. No one can beat her at it!

Anna said...

I'm a teacher so I have no hesitation in talking (politely) to other people's children! I would have said something like "Excuse me, my daughter had that one, can you get another one please?"

Dianne said...
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Tanya said...

And it's sad when the parents themselves don't get the death stare. What is up with that? Where have the manners gone?

Hannah said...

Oooh this gives me the shits! I'm always mortified if my Little One is rude to someone else! He's only two but boy has he got good manners already! And yes, I would love to push rude kids over.