Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tiny Drawings

Tonight after dinner we were drawing, and Tiny asked me to draw a princess as an extension of her drawing. So I complied with the above drawing. I know. Married to an artist. And clearly no skill with a texta myself. The shame. THE SHAME.

Anyway, Tiny came over to review my drawing and looked agog and aghast. Then started screaming blue murder before careening off to her bedroom.

Ouch. My drawing was THAT bad. Who'da thunk it?

The Doctor then asked if he could have a look at it and review why Tiny was so upset about it. He promptly added in the broomstick. Made sense really. 

Clearly they are NOT Louboutins. The dress is not Lanvin. But clearly my 4 year old believes I should start taking some drawing lessons pronto.

Then I had to cut off the offending princess from the rest of the drawing. Hence the above cut out. Totes awkes.

Have you ever flunked your 4 year olds art task, I ask?


veri maz said...

i was told by a 3yr 'draw lady' i proceeded to sketch a lovely dame with curly hair and slender neck but the little guy kept shaking his head say nooo draw lady...
turns out i was supposed to be drawing a train carriage from Thomas called Lady...

Candice said...

I fail most four year old tasks most days. The fact that I can not do a backflip on the trampoline is a constant source of screeching disappointment.

Loopylu -lu said...

Always... most tests set by my kids I fail.
not happy jan.