Sunday, 28 October 2012

Day 28:: Frocktober - The Nation's Capital

I am so pooped after our fabulous and memorable weekend in Canberra as part of #humanbrochure - I'll report back later this week. So much to see and do. 

In the meantime, Frocktober is winding up in just three short days.

Can you sponsor me? Will you sponsor me? I'd love to make it to $3,000! SO CLOSE! All money goes to ovarian cancer research - currently there is no screening test. If you donate money, it means you can help fund more research.

Every 10 hours one Australian woman dies due to ovarian cancer. Wouldn't it be incredible to change that? 


Please sponsor me!

Today's outfit:
- hat - I can't remember, but Michelle from Hugo & Elsa has the same one in black (much better colour, my white one is the filth)
- dress is vintage and on loan from my sister
- vintage scarf as belt
- shoes - Chucky's

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Briar Stanley said...

You are both so beautiful - that Tiny is going to be a heartbreaker!!!