Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Things I Love and Making With The Smalls At The School

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Megan Morton's brand spanking new book 'Things I Love'. It's beautiful, and if you don't already own a copy - get your mitts on one, Christmas list it, buy it as a gift for yourself, whatever it takes - just get one. It's sheer brilliance.

Full of beautiful homes - and even more beautiful inspiration, and ideas-a-plenty Megan once again trumps it with her own brand of beautiful. There's a lot to love.

And on the night itself, she was glowing.

 Absolutely take it from me, and put it on your Christmas - or treat yourself. You can buy 'Things I Love' here.

I took the smalls to make God's Eyes with Little Nicki at The School on Saturday. Megan met us at the door, and was doing her thing, charming the pants off anyone who came in.

The Doctor hears me talking about Megan quite frequently, so knew meeting her was kind of a big deal. He was SO cute and chuffed to be talking to her.

We spent such a lovely morning sitting together creating amidst a sea of coloured wool. It was such fun. 

If you've thought about doing one of Megan's classes - do. It's such a rare treat to sit and make. And for me, it was so good for me (and no doubt my smalls) to sit with them and not have any other distractions (other than the need to Instagram what they were doing every now and then) - and be.

Check out the timetable here for The School.


Jaclyn said...

that woman can charm the pants off anyone (big or small!) - glad you and the little ones had fun.

Mrs Sabbatical said...

This looks fabulous. Sitting and making (something, anything) has become my meditation an surrounded by colours is a bonus. Christmas list being done now emily xx