Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Uber Good Gift Guide:: For The Mamas

Not content to settle with just 10 ideas for mamas - I've gone for double or nothing. 20 ideas. Not because I'm greedy, but because I want to share my ideas of what's cool and hip and happening (in my brain at least). And if you like anything - perhaps you can point your friend over hither and let them know what's up in the world of mamas. 

Let's go! 

1. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm $27 (75ml):: This is, without doubt, my favourite hand cream. It smells divine, and feels luxurious. I am hooked on this hand balm - and the scent.

2. Kitiya Palaskas Small macrame plant hanger $35:: Kit is one of those ladies that just oozes awesome-ness. She's so freaking freakishly talented. And to have one of her beautiful macrame hangers at my house. It's neon! It's a succulent! Aye carumba. All stars would be aligned. PS - how cute are they clustered together?!

3. Kit Cosmetics Lipstick $24.95:: We all know how nutty I am about lipstick - it lifts me up (no Anthony Callea references please) and makes me feel happier. And I've never known a better matte lipstick than this one. And I've been around the traps. That's right - I'm a lipstick tart! 'Love Chaser' is on my list.

4. Mavi Alexa Rose Houndstooth Jeans $140:: Stop the press! I need a new pair of printed jeans - and I've just met my match. My Mavi's are by far the most comfortable denims I've ever owned - and they keep their shape. This print looks perfect for Summer.

5. Victoria Mason Polkadots $25:: EEP! I've never met a polka dot I didn't like. How great are these hand-made Australian-made sterling silver earrings?  Uber cute is the correct answer.

6. Give Good Stuff from UNICEF from $14:: I don't actually *need* anything for Christmas. I would be super stoked if I was given this (or any of the great ideas from UNICEF) - because it's helping children in need. That would make me immensely happy. More ideas here.

7. Inoui Toosh kerchief from Calico + Ivy $29.95:: I love scarves. I wear them in my hair. On my wrist. As a belt. And I especially love beautiful pieces like this.

8. Grace - A Memoir from Booktopia $41.50:: I really want to read this book over Summer, about the inspiring and influential Grace Coddington. I'm sure it will make a great holiday read. 

9. Lululemon Run For Your Life II tank::  It's hard to believe that >   I   < would be asking for exercise gear for Christmas. I know. You just fell off your chair. Didn't you? I'll give you a moment to pick yourself back up...             Back now? Ok, where were we. Yes. Me. Exercise gear. But dudes, I am loving it. Me? UNCO ME! And I want some cool exercise gear. And this has polka dot trim. So it must be good.

10. Uptights - Printed Leggings $70:: We've established that I am pretty darn crazy about printed tights/pants. And these are so fabulous and unique - I can't help but lust after them. Look at them! Penny (the creator) is so darn clever and cool. Plus they're handmade - right here in our beautiful country. I either want the tights or I want to be Penny.

11. Anything from Jennifer Loiselle:: It's no secret I love Jennifer's creations. Anything from her range would make me incredibly happy - each piece is a work of art. 

12. Allira Tee's Applause and Laughter Brooch set from Georgie Love $45:: Matt and I are constantly fighting over who is the funniest. Clearly I am. And these will set the record straight.

13. Markets of Paris 2nd Edition from Little Paper Lane $32.95:: Many years ago, BC (before-children) Matt and I travelled to Paris together. We wanted to go the markets that everyone speaks so lovingly of. We hopped on a train. And wound up in the middle of nowhere in an area rife with pickpockets and other dodgy people - and a market that I would deem not dissimilar to the "markets" at the Royal Easter Show. We made a hasty retreat empty handed. This book would set things right.

14. Paint tee from Gorman $69:: Let's amend what I said earlier. Never has there been a polka dot OR striped garment that I have not loved. I rest my case.   

15. Yellow Leather Business Card holder from Lark $9.95:: I am a woman of random tastes and interests. I've always wanted a nice business card holder - but never had one. I really like this punchy little yellow number. I like it. 

16. Voluspa Goji Tarocco Scalloped Candle from Kleins Perfumery $29.95:: I love a special candle. When I'm tired or stressed, I burn a candle for a little while. It's a quiet little ritual. It's always good to blow the candle out before going to bed. Just remember that. 

17. Beci Orpin's 'Find and Keep' from Calico and Ivy $39.95:: This is one of those books that I know I'll just fall head over heels in love with. So much inspiration, colour and creativity. I know it will keep me dreaming for a long time. 

18. Les Miserables Soundtrack:: My Mum and Dad took us to see Les Miserables when I was just nine. It has stayed with me all those years, I know most of the words, and the story still resonates. This is an album I can bang out in the car. Bring him home - or actually bring this CD home and I will be so happy to play car karaoke. 

19. Give me a hug voucher: I can be so happy with a home-made book of vouchers - I'd love to be able to redeem a hug, foot massage or bubble bath whenever I wanted. Make it, draw it, print it, craft it - no matter what - I'll love it. 

20. Nikki Goldstein Artemis necklace $170:: Hand-made with wooden and coral seed beads, freshwater pearls, tassles and 22k gold-plated spacers, this is a pretty necklace that would look fab with a floaty cotton sundress. 


ecobabe said...

Sending this gift list to my secret santa, lovely ideas PMM thanks!

Steph Bond-Hutkin said...

So many great things! Esp thos Mavi jeans - YUM.