Monday, 14 January 2013

Golden Globes:: Isla Fisher, Jessica Chastain, Kerry Washington, Lucy Liu - and YAWN Heidi Klum

Isla Fisher. Can you imagine the fun she must have with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen? Crumbs. I'd love to have them to a dinner party. I mean - I wouldn't know what to serve, but it would be fun. Yes? And I could ask her to bring this dress so I could try it on and play dress-ups. This, my friends, is how it's done. Old school glamour. The girl is positively radiant. 

Even the woman behind Jessica Chastain seems to be grimacing at this ice blue Calvin Klein confection and grimacing. We shouldn't study it too hard, because Jessica seems to either be trying to tear it off, or stand on the side so we can barely see her. 
Oh how I love Kerry Washington. And this Miu Miu sheath is simple, stylish and sophisticated. Maybe she could help Jessica out with some style tips? 

 One of my favourite looks for the Golden Globes - Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera. It reminds me of Watteau's paintings - abundant with fruit and flowers. This has personality and I adore that. No boring black - and a fun silhouette. More! More! More!
Surely I am not the only one to be a little bored with Heidi and her endless and in shape pins? Girlfriend needs to hide in the wardrobe for a few weeks so we can miss her. And PS her lips seem to have become camouflaged. Anyone got a hot red lipstick they can share? 


Sophie Kurylowicz said...

Does Lucy's dress her pockets??!!! WINNER!

Rachel K said...

Check out the woman's face standing behind Jessica. Her look says it all.