Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Golden Globes:: Just Let Me Do A Few More (Miranda Kerr, Emily Blunt)

 Whoa nelly! Miranda looks hot diggety hot here. And then moments later - the lady in black (I'm assuming she's her publicist) covered her up with her jacket. Because I'm guessing her split went a little wayward with the walking. If I had a ridiculous body like that I'd be wearing that too - and I'd insist on being wheeled in on a float. 
 Emily Blunt and those dreamy eyes. Sigh. I just adore her. And though I wouldn't choose this dress, it looks so super darn fantastic on her, I can see why she did. There's a window of time you can wear those trickily cut dresses - sadly my time is not now - unless you want to see my muffin top - and I'm guessing you're not here to see that. Or if you are, do let me know and I can instagram the crap out of my spare tyre. I promise. 
 Vera Wang did it. And I like it. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss has never looked so sublime. This ethereal, floaty, dreamy frock rocks my socks. She looks pretty pleased with herself too. 
I whole-heartedly love this ker-azy couple. They're dancing to the beat of their own drum and I love them all the more for it. Helena has down-played her hair a little this time, right?


Kirsty said...

Just love these posts. Thanks for doing them!

Steph Bond-Hutkin said...

Love these - you are so good at this L!