Friday, 18 January 2013

Grey Matters. Does It?

Pre-Christmas I had my my haircut. It was a red hot, dry, brittle mess and needed some TLC. I just had a wee trim and was joking with my hairdresser saying "If you find any grey hairs, tell me."

And then I expected her to say - "Oh Lexi, there's no grey hairs."

But alas, Kellie responded with "Oh yes I did just find one."

I was agog, I was aghast was my hair turning into an old lady's at last?

I almost fell out of my chair and asked her to show me this ruthless grey. She hunted around and found it. I asked her to pull it out. She declined. I told her to show me where it was - and I yanked that sucker out.

Just two weeks later, I asked my sister Sarah to check if I had any unruly greys. She found another.

This is Bad News Boulevarde.

And now this week? Two more of those crazy grey bastards. Assimilating with the rest of the brunettes as though they're meant to be there. 

What to do?

I'm having a quiet sad-on that they're out there, Mulder. I'm quietly going grey, and I hate it. I've studied why I hate it - because it's beyond my control. 

I know. I am Captain Ridiculous. With grey hairs. 


Small Catalogue said...

Oh Darls, I've had greys since I was 14 - found one the morning before having my wisdom teeth removed. Old before my time.

Fiona said...

I've been going grey since I was 24! I reckon it's because I'm dark-haired though, they show up more! If we were blonde I doubt we'd even notice!

Rachel K said...

I hate the thought of getting old. I think I may have to go blonde.

Lindy in Brisbane said...

I'm 45 and have lots of them. I have decided to embrace the grey. Mostly, alas, because I cannot afford constant trips to the hairdresser. And there's nothing worse than that grey stripe down the middle when the roots need a re-do! Ergh!

Tasha said...

As a woman who probably won't turn grey until I'm 90, I am just a tad jealous.
Embrace your grey, Lexi - it's a visual reminder (think of it as a badge!) that you've survived what life is throwing at you and you can still smile about it :-)

Kate Moore said...

Man, oh man, I am up to the just let it go all white already. 38 and salt and pepper as they come.

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

I have an awesome pic of my mum at her 21st with a gorgeous shock of grey hair in the front - it looked fabulous. She was almost completely grey at 30 and looked divine. So I totally expected to follow in her footsteps. I did, but I cover the buggers - every freaking fortnight - with lots and lots of black dye. I LOVE the all grey look, particularly those fabbo shots above - but going from dyed black long hair to all grey will involve a long and painful stripping process, or cutting it all of (which is a no). Maybe when I'm 60...

Anna said...

I've got them too, one of the joys of being a brunette I think.. I'm covering them for now cause there's just random ones but one day i'll give it up.. when i have enough to look proper grey. I kind of like it, judy dench style