Saturday, 9 March 2013

Little J Update

Yesterday there were some concerns raised about the legitimacy of Little J and the fundraising. I spent some more time yesterday morning to ensure that your donations were going to the right place. They are. 

Holly and Sam have made updates to the site overnight to keep you abreast of the situation. 

Little J is in a serious condition. His Dad flies in today to be with him and his wife. 

If you can donate, in some small way, this can help their family be together at such a difficult time. 

So while we are diverse in geography, we can rally to be a community and help. 

Image via Katie Daisy
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1 comment:

Norbyah Nolasco said...

thanks for this update lexi. i wanted to think that it was all going to the right place and i'm glad it is. i've shared on facebook and donated. i hope that their time with little j is what they need as a family to get through this difficult time.