Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I've Got Card Lust:: Mother's Day Idea! (LIGHTBULB!)

Yo mama is so awesome she could school Anthony Robbins. Yo mama is so rad she could protect Harry Potter. Yo mama is so brilliant she could outplay Jack White. 

Let yo mama know she's super duper loved by sending her one of these uber cute and arty Card Lust messages. Simple. Easy. And really beautifully illustrated. Send one. Send two. Send a few! 

In fact, send any of yo mama friends a Card Lust. Because heck - they deserve it! Tell them you think they are one hot damn mama! 

What is it? Card Lust is a really cool iPhone greeting card app like no other. It is quirky, cool and easy to use. Card Lust hosts an assortment of notes by Australian girl artists: Elspeth Tremblay, Sara Hingle, Margot Lloyd.

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Check out Card Lust here


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samstone76 said...

I wish my Mum could outplay Jack White...hmm, actually no I dont then there would be no White Stripes. Love White Stripes.