Wednesday, 19 June 2013

On Doing Stuff

This is supposed to be the Winter of content.

This year I made it a priority to invest in some warmer clothes, which in turn was meant to not only make me feel warmer, but make me happier. Being so chilly makes me grumpy. And if you know me when I am cold, then you have experienced grumpy. True unbridled grumpiness.

Part of the investment in warmer clothes was to also trick myself into thinking that rising in the dark was ok! I was going to be warm! It would be fun!

Oh - how naive I was!

Getting up at 5:30am in the thick of Winter is no mean feat. Getting up at 5:30am in the thick of Winter to EXERCISE is no mean feat. Getting up to exercise at 5:30am in the thick of Winter to exercise when it's raining. AYE CARUMBA! Anyone who does this should automatically receive some kind of award. And it should be served warm.

However, I have managed to do it a few times. High five myself. I'm still moving more than I was a year ago, and I've been dreaming about working more movement into my days, I've just got to make it happen.

Pretty soon we're going on a small family holiday. I am beside myself with excitement. And as nerdy as it may be, I've already decided that I must exercise every day we're away. Even if it's just a leisurely walk. I want to keep my momentum rolling ready for my summer reveal (JUST JOKES PEOPLE - NO BIKINI SHOTS COMING YOUR WAY). 

Last week I had an epiphany that having time for myself - where it was not in dark hours, where I could sit in a cafe for an hour with avocado on toast, a coffee and a magazine did majorly restorative things to my head. I never get to do that. It was good. I'm going to schedule more time to do this. I got to read an article in one sitting. 

I know I'm crazy, but that was pure luxury.


Cath said...

I dream of your luxury! X

Alison - Talking Frankly said...

I actually think that the thing most of us find hardest is learning to prioritise ourselves as well as we prioritise others. And while we would drop everything to be there for somebody that needs us, we schedule ourselves into our our own, um, schedules. But on the upside - if exercising means you look as lovely as you do - well then - consider it a worthwhile investment. (PS: 5.30am exists even if the children DON'T wake you up??? - Who knew!)

Pip Lincolne said...

I like this. I do. Go YOU! x

Reannon Hope said...

Where are you getting the warm clothes? I am having MAJOR trouble finding anything I like, especially as my bod is post baby...sigh. Must start exercising too but as you said it's hard in winter. Go you!

Dorothy said...

I don't believe the world exists before 7 am, but I admire your determination. I much more in favour of the time alone in a cafe with coffee and toast. Enjoy!

Sam Stone said...

I need to try this out - reading a full article in one sitting would be awesome!