Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Eyebrow Makeover

It has been seven months since I had my eyebrows done. Not since the Napoleon Dynamite incident have I been back to a beautician. You may not have noticed, but they were way out of hand, and beyond a quick pluck by my own hand. 

I've had a few brow catastrophes over the years, and ever since the Edith Piaf palaver back in '63, I've been trying to re-grow parts of them. 

You may sit there and roll your eyes, but friends, gather around. Eyebrows are important! They frame your face! 

Jen from Interiors Addict kindly introduced me to the brow genius of our day - Jazz Pampling. 

The photo doesn't really do justice to my new brows, but I gotta tell you, they are - despite being plucked (and patchy in a couple of spots due to the waxing incident from long ago) - looking thicker, a better shape - and a little darker. 

Did you know thicker brows can make you look younger? Well you do now. (Except the crease between my brows, that my children *lovingly* call train tracks.)

And if you needed any more convincing - take a look below - Anne Hathaway with and without brows. EEP! 

I booked an appointment with Jazz, took an hour out of my day, and got my caterpillars under control. In case you've missed my out-of-control delight on Instagram, I am pretty chuffed with them!

And my eyebrows lived happily ever after. 

The end. 


hugoandelsa said...

Your eyebrows looks fabulous! I'm sorry to read about the Edith Piaf fiasco, how awful for you xx

Kristy Chong said...

Eyebrows are the one beauty area I am forever neglecting, well one of as I have others. Thankfully I have never over plucked or waxed them and dont suffer from too much bush. I am inspired by your post to maybe get a small wax before a wedding in a few weeks, well maybe!

anastasiaC said...

they look great!!! I think mine need a bit of a makeover too...think my arch is too high - was it expensive?