Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Miley Cyrus Meets The Art World

By now, you've seen Miley twerking and tongue-gymnasticing all over the stage at the VMAs. Wow. I mean Robin Thicke was bad enough with his sweaty head, and facilitating these gyrations, and then there was the Coles down-down foam hand. 

So now Miley, her tongue and twerking have been immortalised in some iconic artworks. 

What would Hannah Montana say? 

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small catalogue said...

What is with the tongue? I don't understand the tongue.

Sam Stone said...

She is skidded off the rails completely.

Mamachiq said...

Oh dear , I have two teen girls and they are savvy sassy misses and they thought she was gross and Robin Thicke is lame and I am proud of their judgement on this and those above pics are fun.
The tongue, my girls cannot explain it to me, yet they and their friends mimic it, yuk, just yuk.