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frocktober 2016

Thursday, 15 August 2013

On School Uniforms

Who was the brainiac that decided: yep, a white shirt is the way to go for 5 year olds for school uniform? Which parent doesn't want to wash and iron white shirts?

I'll show you a parent that does not wish to soak, then resoak, wash and iron white shirts for a 5 AND an 8 year old. 

It's me. 

I've got both hands waving madly in the air.

Who thought white shirts were a great idea? I would really love to meet them. And hit them in the face with a wet fish. 

These white shirts give me such grief. It's a never-ending cycle, wear the shirt, soak the shirt, wash the shirt, iron the shirt. Uniform people, I have better things to do - but the problem is, I never get to them because I am having a relationship with these shirts. A relationship I never wanted. 

My children, not particularly dirty little creatures, come home each afternoon with a coating of dirt around their cuffs. A splatter here and there of school-time detritus, and I score too long spent in the laundry trying to bring back the white school shirt.

Honestly. Why didn't they choose something practical?


Averil said...

We have pale blue which is just as bad, except you can't bleach them. This morning I have been scrubbing paint out of them! Why doesn't the teacher make them wear an art smock??!!

robyn said...

i have given up (we have golden yellow) and send mine to school paint splattered. I am that Mum.
I don't iron. full. stop.

ClaireyHewitt said...

We have yellow skivvies. My daughter HATEs the yellow skivvy. Don't blame her

Siobhan said...

I draw the line at ironing shirts. Screw that.

Amanda Andersson said...

Lexi, I like your blog and loved it on

Bruisemouse said...

I also want to know which brainiac decided to put teenage boys in white SYNTHETIC shirts! Fruity. said...

My children go to schools where there is a dress code but no compulsory uniforms. BLISS. The strain caused by getting their dancing/sporting/choir uniforms organised is more than enough for me!

norma fay said...

My kids School
and it makes life so much easier in the morning. However, they don't have shirts that I iron and they aren't white. We got great prices on them at Burlington Coat Factory so they were really easy on the budget and we were able to get enough for the kids to go a week without me having to do laundry.

bruce william said...

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