Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sleep Is For The Weak:: Annelise by Sussan

It seems insomnia has taken a hold of me. I've spent many sleepless nights this week looking into the darkness. Listening to Matt sleeping. And wishing, hoping, praying that I would fall asleep quickly too.

I am like a crazy zombie.

So sleep is top of mind this week. When isn't it? Last week I told you how much I love sleep, this week I'm telling you how much I am missing sleep.

Sleep. Where for art thou?

So it seems perfectly apt to be telling you about this beautiful new collection by Annelise for Sussan.

Designed using antique laces and prints foraged from around the world, the collection is as perfectly vintage as it is timeless.

How could I resist sharing these playful images with you? It's like they've been ripped straight from a vintage magazine, and they made my heart go bompity bomp!
These cotton voile pyjamas are high on my Christmas wish list. Santa, yes please!
And this chemise fits so beautifully. It feels so luxe on, I've been swanning around the house in it.

In store and online now
Prices from $9.95

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