Monday, 11 November 2013

Way Cool Workshops:: Desmond & Molly Jones

Aye carumba. The cool cats at Desmond & Molly Jones have put together such an awesome menu of workshops I can't even begin to tell you.

Actually. I lie. I can tell you. I will tell you. Because they are SO FLIPPING COOL!

Leonard Newton, salon owner and all-round ace guy said: “It’s about sharing ideas and being a bigger part of the community we work and live in. Desmond & Molly Jones is more than simply a hair salon and by offering a unique variety of workshops we are opening our doors to people from all walks of life, keeping the local spirit alive.”

I love that philosophy of sharing - and making things accessible to more people. 

Well let's get to the punch line. 

DAD & DAUGHTER: Matt and I have this ongoing joke about Matt's repertoire of hairstyles for Tiny. A high  ponytail that looks like Bam Bam from The Flinstones. 

If your man is the same - this is THE perfect way to spend a Sunday morning with the little lady in your life. 

Coffees and cupcakes (no tantrums and tiaras) while you learn a range of techniques that will transform your daughter’s hair into princess locks of love. You’ll reach a whole new level of hero in her eyes! Hopefully this will mean the end of Tiny's massive dreadlocks, or brat's nest as my sister lovingly refers to it. 

In this session they're demonstrating braiding, ponytailing and elegant up do's that are simple and quick to do... perfect for the Dad with a little girl on the go. Book here

Other workshops? Heck they have so many goodies!! 

BRAIDY BUNCH              MONDAY 18TH NOVEMBER                  7PM – 9PM
In case you hadn't noticed, I love braiding my hair, and I learnt my one braid from YouTube. Hopefully this workshop will mean I can extend my repertoire AND socialise with real people. 

                                    SUNDAY 24TH NOVEMBER        10.30AM -MIDDAY
The princess of peonies Holly Hipwell will show you how to create your own floral crown with spring fresh flowers. Plus they'll send you home with a kit so you can keep on making your own.

CURL ME UP BABY         MONDAY 2ND DECEMBER                     7PM – 9PM 
Currently I curl my hair using a very untechnical method. Washing my hair before bed, going to bed with damp hair and hoping like crazy it curls up over night. It's been pretty successful to date, however I have a hunch this workshop will make me look less like I've had a big night out at Studio 54, and more like I've got a clue about the curl. 

All images by Luisa Brimble for Desmond & Molly Jones. 

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