Monday, 9 December 2013

Gift Guide:: For the Mamas

Want my advice? Probably not, but I'll tell you anyway. Email your husband/boyfriend/partner/self the link to this post as an invitation. It's a really subtle hint in a really non-subtle way. And it means everyone wins. 

1. Watermelon tee from Gorman $99 - You cannot go wrong with this t-shirt. Great with jeans, or some little shorty shorts, this is going to become a Summer staple. Well that's if Santa delivers. 

2. Dan 300 Large Leather tote in Citron from The Third Row $250 - How great is this pop of yellow? You could never tire of it. And I am sure I could pack half my world in there, as I am prone to doing with my bags. This one will be around for years. 

3. Blue Moon, Mint Oval & Golden Enamel Earrings by Victoria Mason $160 - Does everyone know how obsessed I am with Victoria Mason's jewellery? These are pretty much perfection.

4. Jigsaw Ribbon necklace from Elk $45 - Best. Necklaces. Ever. Santa. I really want this. Badly.

5. The New Flower Drum Club Baseball tee from The Flower Drum $49 - Fun. Super cool. Get me one. Pronto!

6. Simpatico Petal Bubble Bath from Saison $49.95- There's nothing better than soaking away the battles of a long day in a bubbly bath. 

7. Meredith Red metallic sandal from Habbot $290 - Modern-day Dorothy. I don't really need to say anything more, do I? Well except, hot damn! I LOVE THESE! 

8. Ikat short from Tilly by Lee Mathews $149 - These shorts are so cute they're probably illegal. I want them. I need a fake tan. But I still want them. 

9. Matyroshka 5 piece doll set from BLANK $25 - I'd love to decorate these with my smalls. We could get messy together and create our own little mini family. 

10. Paillette - Mod Squad from Hello Darling $16.95 - Just the perfect amount of sparkle for the festive season. 

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artbyjaz said...

I love that Gorman watermelon shirt! Bit pricey though. x