Monday, 30 December 2013

New Year's Resolutions. And Me. Yes. NY Resolutions and Me.

Traditionally I have shrugged off New Year's resolutions. Well outwardly I tell everyone I don't do them. Just between me and myself - I do little things. 

But this year, I will outwardly tell you some things I am changing. Because these things are good, positive, very excellent things to do. In my mind at least - you my friend, dear reader, may have other thoughts - and that's ok. I am happy with challenging my own thoughts. Let's spar.

1. I am going to get more into my garden. Just because we rent - doesn't mean we can't have a nice garden - or a thriving little vegie patch. I am BOOM and doing it. If it flops, I will try other crops. That's my new green thumb mantra. And if those damn stinkbugs don't all die, I'll find something that will bump them off. That will be my life-long quest.

2. I am going to exercise. And not get too busy to do it. I was into it, then work got really ridiculously busy, and I am talking really ridiculously busy, so I felt more inclined to go home to be with my family than miss out on more time with them by exercising. Somehow, my friends, somehow, I expect to exercise at least four times a week. I am going to be fit and fabulous in 2014. Fit, fabulous and 14. I don't know how it's going to happen but even if I have to hypnotise myself, I am damn well doing it. Taser me if I don't. 

3. My sister told me she was reading more this year. So I am totally copying her. Unless there's some really crappy, crappy TV show that I need to live tweet, then I have to do that. But reading is where it's at. 

4. Meal planning. It's happening this year. Matt and I - we're both sick of multiple jaunts to the supermarket. Speaking of which - not buying supermarket brand anything. Those pricks can jam their own brands where they fit. I see what they're doing - screwing down the farmers. Not happening here. I'll buy brand names, and straight from farmers where possible. 

5. Listen to more music. Music makes me happy. I'm going to make it accessible and play more of my favourite albums. David Grey 'White Ladders' is coming back, and I'm not afraid to be out and proud. I love good music AND it makes me feel happier.

What are your resolutions? Share share share. Come on. Don't be shy. 

PS - What is this purple flower? If you know, please do tell! 


katiecrackernuts said...

These are mighty fine NY resolutions. They're pretty much what I have been telling myself is going to happen any time soon - New Year or not. I am on a bit of a roll but freaking out about starting back at work later this week. I know getting back on that train is the daily killer. Freaking out.

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

The flower is a scabiosa - horrid name, gorgeous, gorgeous flower. Love your aims for 2014. Last year I did 52 New Things, and managed to cross off almost half, creating some fab new habits. So I'm doing it again. And meal planning? Best. Thing. Ever.

Missus Sabbatical said...

you have a great list there lovely, can we add some dress ups in there also?
For me 2014 is going to be a tough one but I want to remain as sane as possible and continue this running malarkey - you should join us at OpMove for the walking challenge ; )
have a fabulous one gorgeous and keep posting your music - love it (though David Grey does make me a little teary) xx

mrs Smith said...

Happy New Year! Great list, here's to a very happy and healthy 2014.
No resolutions here yet, but I am thinking about getting a tatt...
Love to you,

Sam Stone said...

Love the changes you are making Lexi :)
I am focusing more this year - more on family, more on me and more on my own business. Happy New Year xo

andrea said...

Tempted to copy yours. But,
1. Up the blog ante. I have a new blog project in gestation which I'm super excited about- although maintaining two will be a bit rough
2. Excercise excercise excercise. Walking the dog daily if I can get my proverbial *ass into gear
3. Swim more. Got new togs so no more squeezing a size 14 ass into size 10 swimmers. Eeewww
4. Garden more, it's going to be so grand!! Troubles getting a rope climbing thing. And I'. Getting a veggie spot.
5. Take more photos.
6. Save money
7. Go to beach More more more
That should do.

shoppegirls said...

Love your list and I may just add one or two to mine. Happy New Year to you and your family. Vicki x

Reannon Hope said...

I don't do resolutions, haven't for years but this year I have just one - no getting pregnant in 2014! I was pregnant in 2012/2013 & had a beautiful boy but 4 months later BOOM I was pregnant again. It's not happening again. The man is getting the snip. Four kids is plenty ;)

Amanda @ Ellieboo said...

I love your resolutions - you've got me thinking about what I want to achieve in 2014. Off to ponder a bit more but I am so with you on the exercise front. Happy New Year to you and yours and btw White Ladders is possibly my favourite album ever!!!

Kate Dixon said...

Happy New Year Lex! Love your resolutions and I have a cracking book you have to start with...'The night circus' by erin morgenstern. If you only do one thing I suggest - then reading this is IT! xx Kate