Thursday, 23 January 2014

Get In My Bedroom. Come to Scandinavia

Matt and I gave our bedroom a Summer make-over, Scandi style! You can read more about it over at the Adairs blog

I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to dream up My Perfect Escape. My destination escapes the stifling heat, and gives our space a new feel. It's fresh as a lemon! 

Don't just take my word for it though. Even our kitten (Happy - see top picture, exploring) is into it. 

If you're looking for some new boudoir inspiration, I implore you to check out Adairs ever evolving range. There are some really beautiful pieces - it's actually hard to choose. 

Anyway - what are you still doing here? Get over here and read about my complete bedroom make-over. Eradicating dust bunnies and freshening up spaces since… well since a little while ago. 

* Adairs gifted me a selection of bed linen as part of this bedroom make-over. I chose all the pieces. I wasn't paid. I love the product. I wanted to share. 

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Michelle said...

Love the look & colour. Thanks for sharing - Michelle @