Monday, 13 January 2014

Golden Globes: Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Some Bird in a Blue Dress

 Be still my beating heart. The girl has sass, and I adore her for it. Jennifer Lawrence would look beautiful in a wet paper bag, except, well Christian Dior haven't really done her many favours here. I feel like she's wrapped a fitted bed sheet around her torso and they've got some removalist straps and secured it and called it a day. I love the girl, but this dress is just a bit meh.
Emma Watson shook off the shackles of a school uniform and grew into this incredible creature. Well she was always gorgeous, but the girl has style. And colour. And sigh - Hermione grew up. Classically beautiful she never puts a foot wrong.

 But... then... uh?? I'm not sure about this. Did they run out of fabric because they were making this frock simultaneously?!?! 

Which BTW is totally one of my favourite frocks on the red carpet. It's all super-hero and super awesome with that cape!  Those shoes in the back left though, well they are not red carpet worthy. What the funk!?

I actually do not know who this is. Guilty as charged. What happened is, I turned 30 a few years ago, and I let old take over my body and my mind. Either that or I need an NW subscription stat! 

Despite not knowing who this is, I really, really love this dress. The blue, the cut of her jib, the shoe, everything. I could kiss it. I even like her regrowth. This is something I would wear to the White House. Maybe not on the red carpet though. I don't know. I am so confused right now.


Sally Morrigan said...

Jennifer Lawrence looks like Laura Palmer in that dress

Sam Stone said...

Love Jennifer Lawrence! I tots love Emma Watson's dress. I don't know what it is but I think it is da bomb!

Kristy said...

Blue Lady is the wife from Masters of Sex! It's great! You'd love it. Lizzie Caplan is delish!