Saturday, 20 September 2014

Frocks! Frocks! Frocks!

With only 10 days to go, I've got frock mania. Today I'm sharing my round up of the best frocks on the block. 

In fact, they're not just great frocks, these are some of my super frocking, generous and local sponsors for the month of Frocktober. Together we're aiming for $10k to be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

If you don't love this, then we probably can't be friends. Or can we - because at least then we won't be showing up wearing the same frock.  Classic, beautiful lines, that bark-cloth-esque fabric, I can't fault it. 

Next up: Little Tienda Indio Dress $199

Hand embroidered by an artisan in Mexico the Indio dress is colourful joy. Easy to wear, you could belt it or leave it loose. These dresses are brilliant in the height of summer because they're pretty cool. In every sense of the word. 

Not only is Little Tienda run by one of the most generous, coolest birds I know, but for the whole month of October 10% of sales will be donated to my Frocktober fundraising. This is a big deal. So save your pesos for Christmas shopping or self-gifting (hint, hint). 

And also: Nancybird Anemone dress $210

I've long been a fan of Nancybird's prints, and the gentle nod to all that is good about Australia. This silk beauty is vibrant, print, pattern and pockets. Say what!? I adore a frock with pockets. The Anemone dress is a breezy loose fit frock for summer. Sigh. Bring it on. 

Have you seen any good frocks lately?


noblognorma said...

love love the first two.....

Ms Moo said...

Such a beautiful selection Lexi! I have Lazybones frock which I adore .. That Bea barkcloth-Ish one thou ... Swoon! I bought the Isobel Little Tienda number last Summer. Went into Marrimeko recently they have some cuties on offer. Great cuts & prints. Looking fwd to your Froctober deliciousness ;) xo

Vicki @ Knocked Up & Abroad said...

Ah man... I can easily get smooth talked by a good lookin' frock. I'm going to be shocking come Frocktober. I drool way too much over your Pinterest pages as it is!