Sunday, 28 September 2014

Reading:: The Fault In Our Stars

Get excited because I have been reading again.

Honestly I think I forgot how much I really, really love reading - ever since having kids. And these last few months - I am back, ride 'em cowgirl! 

So The Fault In Our Stars is categorised as teen fiction. But I really, really loved it. It's a great read - easy, straight into it, and for me, I felt immediately bonded to the characters. 

Narrated by 16 year old cancer patient, Hazel, it tells the story of three friends all battling cancer. It's beautiful, funny, insightful and needless to say - desperately sad. 

Hazel is forced to attend a cancer patients' support group - where she meets the love of her life Augustus Waters. 

John Green wrote 'The Fault In Our Stars' after working as a chaplain at a children's hospital and wanted to rehumanise the sick or dying patients, ""the stories that I was reading sort of oversimplified and sometimes even dehumanized them. And I think generally we have a habit of imagining the very sick or the dying as being kind of fundamentally other. I guess I wanted to argue for their humanity, their complete humanity."

Inspired by Esther Earl, Green was inspired to create a book that shared the idea that a short life could be a full life.  

I won't give any more away because part of the joy of reading is discovering another world for yourself, but I really, really recommend this book - for teenagers or adults. 

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green - $13.95 from Booktopia

* Reading is all about what I'm reading. It's not sponsored. It's simply me, reading a book and sharing with you. A book club of sorts. I've read five books this year. This is five more than I did last year.

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Twinsane Mum said...

I just purchased the Rosie Effect. But have added this one to my list of reads. :)