Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Day 15:: Halfway - and it's COLD!

Firstly. Let's talk about the weather. 

On the weekend I was fooled. Jipped. Tricked. That intense heat - it lulled me into this false sense of Spring/Summer. I diligently packed away my Winter wardrobe, tossed it up in the top of my cupboard - and happily revisited some of my Summer favourites in the process. 

Monday - hot
Tuesday - mostly hot. Until it was not.
Wednesday - STOP THE FREAKING PRESS. Oh it's just snowing somewhere. And we can absolutely tell it is in Sydney.

Of course - me being me, I refuse to get my woollies back out. And I look at the frocks on the rack still left - and choose the warmest one I have. A simple royal blue Bassike frock. To be honest - not warm enough. 

And in the woollies stashed away - of course, are tights, leggings etc - and of course, me being me, I just can't be bothered to climb up and get them out. 

So what do I do? I suffer in my jocks! I brave the chill with bare legs. 

However I did top off my frock today with this pearl of vintage goodness - this crazy bubblegum trench with the most massive lapels you ever did spy. Watch out or they'll poke your eyes out. 

I'm halfway! But I'm not halfway with my fundraising!! I need to reach $5k tonight! I really, really, 
really do. 

Oh and because I have been blessed with good health, I went and donated blood today. It only takes 10 minutes, and you can save three lives. Find out more here. (If you can't donate to Frocktober, maybe you can donate some blood instead?)

(Wondering why I have that creepy look on my face? When I give blood, I can't look at it. It makes stars come out and it's not good, hence I was trying to avoid looking at the blood). 

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