Sunday, 19 October 2014

Frocktober 2014:: Day 19 - Out Of Africa (and on the home run) (Fabrik)

Can you believe I've been through 19 days already? That's 19 different frocks. 

You might think 'Big deal PMM, frocking up is no big deal.' I thought the same until I started doing it three years ago. And pretty quickly you realise that wearing a frock, and being on public display, and talking about it, and getting people to engage, give their hard earned money, and come onboard. It's bloody hard work. 

Of course - it's all worth it. Every single dollar I raise goes to help find an early detection test for ovarian cancer. Currently there is none. Can you believe it? Ovarian cancer is known as 'the silent killer' because symptoms are vague. We don't know enough about it. 

If you donate to Frocktober, you will be helping wage aware against this insidious disease. One Australian woman dies from ovarian cancer every 10 hours. 

Today's frock is from the fabulous Fabrik. It's a beautiful linen frock that I threw over my head, threw on a necklace, and BOOM! I am out the door.The more I wash it and wear it more, the fabric will become even more beautiful, such is linen! 

As a special offer to PMM readers - Fabrik is offering 10% discount. Just use the code: POTTYMOUTHMAMA. (Available until October 22nd). 

Dress: Linen Hanky dress by Fabrik
Corny Pose: Model's own


Frock This Town said...

Did you pop the dress on and then pop over to Africa for this photo?

Lexi Kentmann said...

I just boom! and jetted over for the afternoon. Who says jet lag isn't fun?!