Thursday, 23 October 2014

Frocktober 2014:: Day 23 - Ethereal Elegance (Lee Mathews)

It's been a long month. And there's still a week to go. 

Today, after exercising in a frock, I was excited to switch into something light and ethereal. Meet the Charlotte dress from Lee Mathews. Silk and lace, it's a cinch to feel good and look smart. I've tried it with my favourite Chucks, but it looks good with sandals, or a neutral heel too. 

It's a great day dress (heck, there ain't no Lee Mathews dress I've ever met that I didn't love) - I can imagine it's going to be a firm staple in my summer wardrobe.

Speaking of wardrobe - Frocktober is not just about fashion. It's about raising awareness and funds for ovarian cancer research. Please help me reach my goal - I'm so close, but still need your help. 

Dress: Charlotte dress from Lee Mathews 

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Mel said...

PottyMouthMama you sure do rock a short do :-)