Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Frocktober 2014:: Day 28 - Modern Day (and brunette) Tilly Devine (Lee Mathews)

Calling Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh. I'm the new recruit to the Razor Gang. Sans razor. Sans ciggies. 

Full tilt on awesome. Let's do this thing! Only $778.50 to go until I reach my goal! 

Today's frock is by Lee Mathews - the Daphne dress in Tiffany. My oh my! It's the bee's knees! It's Mahatma Gandhi! It's Napoleon Brandy! It's the top!! Pale silk confection. SWOON!! Easy to throw on, easy to wear, and little accessories needed, it just is perfect as is. 

Hair was. Wow. A faux bob, a lot of hairspray. Make up was to the max, kohl eyeball to eyeball a la Tilly. 

By the way - you can sponsor me here - and help fund an early detection test for ovarian cancer. That could be your feel good moment of the day/week/month. Go on. Every dollar helps. 

With only three more dresses after today - I really need you to help me! Please! 

Oh and this is me post-pin curls. Phew! 

Dress: Daphne dress in Tiffany by Lee Mathews 

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