Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Christmas Wishlist Blog Hop: For Her

I hate to freak you out. But I will anyway. There are only 42 days until Christmas. I hate to sound like an old timer. But I will anyway. Where did this year go?

Steph from Bondville asked me to create a wish list, and of course - I was in! Gift giving is one of my favourite things, I love coming up with the perfect gift for someone. It feels good to give. Plus each one of these are Australian designed or made. Winning! 

I've started list making. Lists are my best friends when it comes to this crazy time of the year. 

For her - whether she's your sister, your bestie, or your mum (or me, hey, I would be so happy to find any of these goodies under the tree!), these gifts are for someone who has an appreciation for colour, print, or sleeping. 

Clockwise from top left: 

Nancybird Linen Long Scarf - Blue Floral $75: I've got more than a bit of a crush on this print.

Wolley ''You're Tops" print $30: Tell your BFF she's tops. She probably thinks you are too. No you are. No you are. 

Lazybones Frankie PJ Set in Coral Bay $89: Sleep is pretty rad. And these pjs are even radder. 

Jasmine Dowling "Bonne Nuit" pillow slip from The Club of Odd Volumes $49: Please see above.

Laikonik Paint Dot design - set of 2 linen tea towels $49: I love beautiful tea towels. It turns a mundane task into a work of art. Almost. 

Obus Ziggle Spot Sock $12: I'm pretty addicted to these cool quirky socks. Get them while they're hot.

Want more? Oh man. I have SO MUCH MORE! 

Clockwise from top left: 

Elodie 'Colour' bangle no 210 $187: High on my wish list - COME ON SANTA BABY!

The Flower Drum Darling Dahlia tee $49: Best tee ever.

Jadewood X Natashya Manfield Opheya Flora earrings from Natashya Manfield (on sale) $75: The perfect statement earring.

Queen of Hearts Vase Stand by Lovestar from The Third Row $19.95: I love these teeny sized vases. Perfect for three single stems, or some wee little blooms. 

Martha Jean Shapes Ring $29: When I wear something fancy on my hands, I like to wave my hands around. This is totally what I would be doing if I had this ring.

Susan Simonini set of 4 ceramic bowls $140: We could eat red beans and rice in these every day and I still wouldn't complain.

But that's not all the Christmas inspiration to have. Some of my beautiful, awesome blogging compadres have compiled their Christmas gift guides too. 

Click over now and drool. And then kickstart your own Christmas gift lists. Go on! 


theredthread said...

So many lovely things Lexi. I hope you're Christmas stocking is stuffed! x

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

So many great gift ideas! Especially loving the "You're tops" print x

Elementsathome said...

Ooooh, this is a great list. I love scarfs and I don't think you can own enough or give enough. Not an item you often buy for yourself so perfect as a gift. xKristie

Steph Bond-Hutkin said...

Oooh such great taste you have Lexi. You're Tops print for me too!!! Bookmarking this xx

Natalie Hayllar said...

LOVE the list and the Bonne Nuit pillow slip! Perfect indeed! great list x

Lexi Kentmann said...

Ahhh thank you Natalie!!

Lexi Kentmann said...

You do Steph!! How cute is that print?! Pretty rad. x

Lexi Kentmann said...

I LOVE scarves too. So awesome, and this one - linen, that brilliant blue. AYE AYE AYE! x

Lexi Kentmann said...

Thanks so much Simone! It's fun, pretty cute to give someone you adore. x

Lexi Kentmann said...

Aww thanks Lisa. Big love. x

theflowerdrum said...

way to make me worried about christmas already!!! thank you darling dahlia xx princess peony

Clare from Checks and Spots said...

Oh my lord - This here is a beautifully curated list! I'll take one of everything Santa baby! I especially love those Susan Simoni ceramic bowls. Great finds, lady!

Sunday Collector said...

The bowls are soon cute Lexi. Love your'e work x

Sunday Collector said...

YOU'RE ; )

theredthread said...

Oh OK smarty... it was really late at night. Your too clever! ;)

Lexi Kentmann said...

No, no Lisa, she was paying her own comment out! Not yours! xxx

theredthread said...

Oh haha, it was under my comment so I was obs confused... I wasn't being snarky, it was all in fun. Feel free to delete this thread!