Monday, 17 November 2014

Solange Marries Alan Ferguson

Drop everything. We need to discuss this. Solange (my style icon) married video director Alan Ferguson. BOOM!

Is this not the most perfect wedding album? 

OH MY!!! 

Arriving on vintage white bicycles, the bride looked HOT in a white pantsuit. And the bicycle basket? It was the wedding bouquet. Seriously. Details! 

Honestly. My heart is skipping a beat. This is tipping me OVER THE EDGE.

What? Yes. I am excited. DOES THE CAPS LOCK GIVE IT AWAY?

PS - how great is this family photo from Instagram?? Beyonce, Solange, Tina. That gene pool. Ermagherd. 


Diana @The Third Row said...

Solange 'Losing You' is my 3 year old's favourite song that's not by The Wiggles. She's also mesmerised by the film clip and I feel like a bad mother letting her watch it because there are hotpants and suggestive hip movements in it. I was fascinated by the lewd pictures in my Dad's Beatles guitar tab book growing up (ie the fab four dining off the back of a naked woman) - I tell myself it's no worse than those. Film clip? Am I showing my age??

Diana @The Third Row said...

Why does the VPL in the second shot make me like her more?

Lexi Kentmann said...


Lexi Kentmann said...

Your three year old has AWESOME taste. I freaking love that song and film clip. There. I said it too. Feel better?
Also, I used to study the lyrics of The Beatles when I was small, I was totally obsessed. So it can't be all bad. I turned out ok. Didn't I?!

dear olive said...

I've been thinking about getting my wedding up and happening and I'd ALREADY DECIDED (caps lock = emphatic) that I'll wear a wedding pantsuit. Not an homage to Solange, but as an homage to my Mum, who also got married in a wedding pantsuit and hood.

dear olive said...

I've had a sudden flashback to some magazine that they used to print the lyrics to four top ten songs on the back page, what was this? Dolly? Something else??? Anyway, I LOVED it. Learned em all off by heart,