Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Hitting the road

It's almost the holidays - I can almost taste them. Zoooweee mama! I am tired! I am sure everyone's tired. I always think it's odd how crazy tired I get at the end of the year, why now? I guess because it's all coming to the pointy end of the year, it's a sprint to get to the end, and it's a sprint carrying weights - end of year events, Christmas parties, shopping, thinking; survival of the fittest. 

Thankfully. Mercifully, the kids are now on holidays. 

And I am holiday dreaming. 

Roadtrip! Roadtrip! Roadtrip! I can hear the chanting in the back of my head. 

Yes. A few days trips are on the cards. Up to the northern beaches early in the morning for a dip, a play in the sand, a coffee with the waves crashing in the background. Yes. That's for me. Avoid the crowds, avoid the sun, and we're back home before most people have left their front door. 

A drive down south to visit my sister. Yes. To explore rock pools. Paddle in the shallows. Walking and chatting on the beach. Letting the ocean breeze ruffle our hair, the salt blow on our skin. I can taste it. 

Perhaps a day trip to visit a friend on the Central Coast and explore somewhere I've never been before. Blasting out some tunes as we discover new places and spaces. 

And in the meantime, we're going to go cruising for Christmas lights. Kerb crawling to see the biggest, brightest suburban displays. Those homes lit up with kitsch lights, the oversized Santas parachuting from rooftops, the reindeers grazing on dried out lawns, and the snowmen sizzling in 30 degree heat. We crank up the carols, and Matt, the smalls and I chat about who creates these electrical artworks. 

I can not wait to get on the road these holidays, and make memories. 

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