Sunday, 28 December 2014

Paddington. Paddington. Paddington.

Have you been to the movies these holidays? 

We went to watch Paddington today - we got there early to avoid the crowds. We got there at 8:47am. The cinema wasn't even open, and the movie didn't start until 9:40am. Oops.

But the film was brilliant. 

Beforehand we had had a family vote on which movie to go to. 75% of our family wanted to see Paddington. 100% loved it. Not bad stats, right?

It's delightful, it's fun, it's funny, and Ben Whishaw (of Bright Star fame - another of my favourite all-time films) voices the bear himself. 

Nicole Kidman is fabulous as the villain. Sally Hawkins plays the part of a warm mum. Jim Broadbent is kooky as ever.

From darkest Peru to the hustle of London, Paddington finds a new home and a new family amidst a huge adventure. And the underlying story? It's the story of a bear misplaced, who struggles to fit in to his new found home.

Seriously great fun for the whole family. 

Not sponsored. Just 100% dug this movie and I think you will too. Go see it for yourself. GO! 


Kelly said...

OK - now considering it as the trailer made it look diabolical.

Candice said...

I would very much like Sally Hawkins wardrobe!