Monday, 26 January 2015

Movie Review: The Little Death (Australian film)

Matt and I really love watching movies together. And since it's a rare day indeed that we get to go to the movies together - we're avid DVD watchers. 

It's well documented how much I love Australian film. And I really love funny Australian films. So how perfect, I thought - to share my review of this Australian film on Australia Day. BOO YAR! 

The Little Death (a reference to the French term for orgasm 'la petite mort') is big on laughs. In fact it's so big on laughs, I had to replay many of the moments because they just made me laugh. Not just haha, but belly laugh laughs. Like achingly funny laughs. 

A comedy about sex, love, relationships and rounded out by taboo, it's the kind of film you'll recommend to your friends in dire need of some laughs. It's not a shy film, by any means, which makes it all the more real, and a catalyst for conversation. 

Written and directed by Josh Lawson and nominated for six AACTA Awards in 2014, the cast is quality - a whole host of familiar faces, playing complicated, realistic and crazy-normal people. 

I have so many favourite moments from this film - and the trailer gives you a pretty succinct slice of what it's like - the whole way through. Fast paced, cracking and funny. My absolute favourite slice of the film features TJ Power as Sam who is hearing and speech impaired, calling up a sex call worker. Seriously funny and poignant too. 

I give it 8 stars!

The Little Death is now out on DVD and Blue-Ray. 

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