Monday, 20 April 2015

Life of a big foot: Shoe Shopping tips for ladies with large feet

On the weekend I posted a pic of my new kicks. 

My Converse had lived a long and dedicated life, but they're so flat and don't give support - and you know, it was time for something new. Well Matt told me to buy something new, and so who was I to argue. 

I kept selecting all these cool women's kicks (we were at Hype DC) only to be told that I had to in fact look at the men's shoes. Because my feet are so darn big. 

This is going to sound crazy, but I wanted to walk out. I could feel the heat climbing from my chest, trying to reach my face. I felt really sad about my huge feet. And the fact that not many shoe makers make shoes big enough for big-footed babes. 

But Peter, who was helping me in Hype DC was so super helpful, I stuck around. 

Since forever, shoe shopping has been a real pain the watoozie. During school years I usually wore Doc Martens, men's sneakers, and then graduated to Converse. I remember my Year 10 graduation, I was so stoked to have this new pair of black suede Converse and one of the mum's had a go at me and asked why I would wear *those* shoes with my dress. 

Well - put simply, because I had no other choice. It was Converse (which made me feel cool and kick-ass) or Doc Martens. Needless to say, I didn't feel very grateful for her comments on my footwear, and have remembered what she said to this day.

So this made me think - I know I am not the only woman with big feet. And over the years shoes HAVE started to be upsized (hoorah!), but sometimes navigating your way to those shoe shops is not easy. So here is a list of shoe retailers/makers who accommodate ladies with a lovely long foot.

Habbot: I have a few pairs of these, and it can be hit and miss to what fits me (I have REALLY long toes) - but their returns/exchange policy is excellent, their staff super knowledgeable, and me being in Sydney, and them in Melbourne? Well I've got four pairs of Habbot shoes and that alone can vouch for their awesome-ness. But have a look at the range - aye carumba. Annie Abott is super clever, creative, and they're made in Italy, so you know you're getting some high-quality shoes. 
Goes up to: size 42

Bermuda Black (formerly Marcue): These guys seem to have gone a bit quiet, but keep an eye out for them. Hand-made in Sydney, beautiful shoes and custom made, and with personality to boot (pun intended). Yes please! 
Goes up to: custom

Hobes: the quintessentially cool shoe, Hobes go up to a size 42 in women's shoes. They're more a casual kinda gig, but the cool palette and look can work back with jeans or dresses. 
Goes up to: size 42

Trenery and Country Road: I used to always be able to shop here for shoes, but then they switched who made their shoes a few years ago, and that all went out the window. I can occasionally find heeled shoes that fit. The enclosed flats never fit me, but if it's got a bit of a heel, I can usually make it work. Sandals are usually also good (with a little overlap, but I can live with that). 
Goes up to: size 42

Boden Clothing: Super cool, cute and quirky, on-trend and excellent, Boden has a great range of shoes that make my heart boompity-boompity boom!
Goes up to: size 42

Radical Yes: In case you haven't been on Instagram in the last forever, Radical Yes are the latest cool kid on the shoe block - with a range of ace, quirky and cool flats to take you 'round the world and back.
Goes up to: size 43

Bared: Cool and classic AND designed by a podiatrist (schawing!), these shoes not only look good, but they're ultra-comfy too. 
Goes up to: 45 in limited styles (43 in lots)

Got a big foot? Where do you find kicks? 


Sam Stone said...

I have several girlfriends with larger feet. Mine on the other hand are small :( People always comment on how small they are.

Kym said...

Thank you for this listing. I had never heard of Bared but visited their website on your recommendation. So refreshing to see comfortable shoes that are also fashionable! On a whim I have ordered a pair - fingers crossed!

Katrina said...

I have been a megapod since I was 13 - shoe size 13 (Euro 45). There are no words for some of the shoes that I had to wear as a youngster or the 'special' shops I had to go to to buy them. Thank Imelda for the internet is all I can say! I highly recommend who have fashionable footwear (even if out of season) at excellent prices with reasonable shipping (and provide a shipping return address in Australia) - and also have some interesting offerings. Locally, has a nice-ish range as does for something a little more funky. Thanks for posting this Lexi - it was not an easy thing to have big feet, but boy do they kick some...