Sunday, 3 April 2016

Reading: The Red Notebook - Antoine Laurain

All I seem to talk about on here is books. Books. Books. Books.

When I was little I was an avid book worm. You'd find me on the spare bed, lying in the sunshine, devouring books. Whole novels over the weekend. I would barely move because I loved reading them  all. Roald Dahl. Judy Blume. Robin Klein. John Marsden. Duncan Ball. I just really loved them.

And I still do. 

So this year I set a goal for myself to read 16 books. That might not seem like a lot, but previously I would have probably been lucky to have read a book a year. 

If you befriend me on Goodreads, then you can follow along with what I'm reading and loving (and FYI - you can set yourself a reading challenge and track it! I'm 38% through mine - huzzah!).

I also joined a real-life book club. 

I was looking at ways to fill up my own buckets, I don't go out much - so I went to my local bookstore, found a book club and joined. And I flipping love it!

So anyway - book. 

'The Red Notebook' is translated from French and is a real beauty.

When I was told I would knock it over in two sittings - I inwardly scoffed. But at 159 pages, this little novella is a quick read that will keep you flipping the pages. 

Apparently the French love a handbag sized novel, and this is it. 

Set in Paris, bookseller Laurent finds an abandoned handbag on a street and is compelled to return it to its owner. So starts the story of the small red notebook - which contains no defining details, but some insights and thoughts from the owner. 

This is a charming book, full of whimsy. Fast-paced and quite lovely I really enjoyed it and would recommend as a light read. 

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