Saturday, 2 February 2008

The Eight Bar Blues

Mum went home today. We dropped her off at the train station, much to Noah's excitement. I really didn't want to leave her there. But the train was running 50 mins late (thanks Morris!) and it was pouring with rain. Tres bad weather. So after about 45 minutes of train spotting, with Noah naming all of the trains as they arrived and watching very animatedly as a goods train passed through, we waved Ollie goodbye.

It was so great to have Mum stay. Even just for the company, to have a conversation with someone, or to share funny moments that happen throughout your day. We'd been watching The House Of Elliott together too, which was fun to watch all the gorgeous frocks and couture from the 1920s.
Every gal loves a fresh frock. Doesn't one?

So in keeping with the grey weather, I felt a bit grey too. I had the eight bar blues.

Once we arrived back home the babies both went for their sleeps (after a half-hearted lunch) and I went to try and lie down, but of course my mind kept racing.

The other night we had seen Nigella on TV baking her cupcakes. They are my very favourite recipe because not only do they taste great, but they are super dooper easy to bake - you've just got to blitz them and then they're ready to roll! You can find the recipe under 'Fairy Cakes' in HOW TO EAT

Noah loves to get into the kitchen with me and bake a cake. He also loves to spread the love around (And the flour. And the sugar. And everything else for that matter.) and help me. We whipped up our cake mix, poured them into their papers and baked them. When they came out they had a funny little camel hump in the middle.. It's not happened before, but nothing a knife couldn't cure (mmm, cook's treat!), then a thick lather of crazy acid yellow icing and Noah's crafty little decorations. A nice bit of one on one time with Noah, and he could even eat the fruits of his labour - well at least he ate the icing and the Smarties. He didn't really get into the cake this time.

There's nothing better than an afternoon of baking to combat the blues. Finding your favourite recipe, measuring out quantities, blitzing, stirring, licking the spoon.

Now all I need is a set of
these gorgeous cake tins, and we're set!

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