Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Oh No It's A DFO!

Mum and I took the kids out on an adventure today. We set out for DFO.

I had been dreaming of bargains. Bargains galore. I was thinking gelato toned cardigans for $15. I was thinking a great fitting pair of pants for $40. I could see the savings stacking up in our bank account. Oh the joy I would feel.

What a rude shock I was in for.

We set out early. I thought we'd beat the crowds. Get home in time for lunch.

We got there in good time, and headed straight to Country Road. When I walk into these places I usually feel a bit flustered. I run from one stand to the next, checking out this and that. Then I realise my head is a muddle and that it's all a bit too much. I then decided to get serious. But oh how disappointed I was to be. The sales were exactly the same as they had instore. All my dreams were dashed. I thought this place was bargain heaven - I only walked away with two pairs of pants for Scout and a t-shirt for Noah. Poop!

We did the rounds, and over all, I felt a bit jipped. Noah did also score some little red Ked's for $18 - which made him jump up and down and infused him with a whole truckload of energy. I fed Scout while he did a few runs and jumps in his new shoes, much to Mum and my bemusement. But other than that - not so many bargains.

Speaking of bargains, Woolworths has got bulk boxes of Huggies Nappies on sale for $29.99.. Now that's what I call a bargain.

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