Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Good TV.

If you've read my 'good things' section, you'd know that I love bunking down and watching 1/2 hour or so of bad, brainless tv. Bad, bad tv. I love watching any reality tv show because I just can't fathom why people punish themselves that way.

Tyra Banks in America's Next Top Model (ANTM) may be fierce, but she's also mean and pompous. The girls standing before her - bone ker-azy - that's what.

The Biggest Loser - while some of those people are inspiring - some are just bitchin' and that ain't cool - particularly not on national tv. If you have those bad feelings about someone, keep a diary, don't tell the camera. In a few months you'll look back and cringe.

And one of my faaaaavourite sessions of bad tv - The Amazing Race. I love it when those couples bicker over ridiculous things.

So you could say, I thrive on humanity's shortcomings (which is bad in itself, but at least I haven't made a tv show about it).

But here I am to give a plug for some good tv. Good tv that I am totally addicted to.

ABC's Stupid, Stupid Man. Loving it big stylie.

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Sarah said...

My fav is Gordon Ramsay's show, where he goes to Nu York and helps bring back battered restaurants from the brink! It's crazy and usually involes some stooopid, mafia linked, restaurant owner. Good viewing!