Monday, 3 March 2008

First Laughs

It's Monday. I don't particularly dig on Mondays, particularly after such fun weekends.

But this Monday was definitely different.

Noah slept in til 9am.. Crazy I know.. Not so crazy after such a crazy night of him bed-hopping. Backwards and forwards we went - at least six times. Ergh.

So when Scout woke at 7am, I snuck out of bed, leaving a snoozing Noah curled up in our bed. Ah lovely.

Once I got Scout back to sleep, I whipped up a fresh batch of brownies, threw the washing on, tidied the kitchen and got things into a vague semblance of organisation. Sweet happy thoughts.

Then Noah wandered out in a dazed and confused state - said 'Please set my tracks up', and walked off to his room to gather his trains. Gobbled down his breakfast, played trains, watched 'Piglet's Big Movie' and settled into the day.

Matt was home sick, so he was already off at the doctor.

Once the movie was winding up, Scout had woken up, I had her in my arms, cooing happily. Matt walked in from his appointment, Scouty and I were dancing around to the credit music - and bingo - her first laugh. Matt said he definitely felt better for having stayed home and experienced her first laugh.

Oh happy day.


Domestic Goddess said...

Oh that is the cuteist and heart warming story....oh love love LOVE

Sarah said...

Hey, Sister wrote exactly what I thought! Sweeeeeetness! Keep them stories rolling. Please.